St Margarets Church with a plaster

St Margaret's with a plaster...

This website has been set-up to help raise funds for St. Margaret’s Church in Somersby, Lincolnshire. You can see from the photo that the roof is in a sad state of disrepair but unfortunately that is not all that needs to be done.
A substantial amount of money needs to be raised to save this historical church and to secure its existence for future generations.
This initiative is the brainchild of Mrs Jane Maitland who, together with her family, lives in the Rectory opposite the church, now called Somersby House, the house where Alfred Tennyson was born and spent the first twenty-eight years of his life. Alfred Lord Tennyson has a special link with St Margaret's, he was baptized in it and his father was rector there.
On this website you can find - besides the information concerning the fundraising - facts about Alfred Tennyson, Somersby, its surroundings and more.
We have a calendar of fundraising events for you to come along to and you are always welcome to attend a service; dates can be found on the Events page. Don't forget to take look at the Gallery page with more than 80 photo's.
On the right-hand side of this page you can read testimonials from people who find the conservation of St Margaret’s of utmost importance and find messages left by visitors to the church.
We are proud to have permission to show you the film 'Early life of Lord Tennyson' made by children of St Margaret's CE Primary School in Withern, which you can find on the Gallery page.
If you would like to support us and make a donation, then you can do this by clicking on the button ‘Donate.’ If you would like to follow our progress, look in on us from time to time or follow us on Facebook and receive updates.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who support us and those who give up their spare time to our cause.
We also would like to thank various local businesses for their support in our quest and, not to forget, our sponsors.